Bicycle Snow Ride

  • A world first! Snow Ride

    Let's snow ride on a fat bike on a pure white slope!
    The 2,000-meter-long snow-covered snow ride is a full-scale ride that goes up on a lift. You can enjoy the spectacular view that spreads out below. Please experience the new snow activity "Yukichari" that can only be experienced here.

  • Give it a go!

    Thick tires cope well with fluffy snow. Safety is also taken into consideration, and the brakes and steering wheel make it easy to operate like a normal bicycle. The reason why it is a new standard activity that women, children, and beginners can easily challenge it. It's sure to be the best time for groups and families to smile. It's an unforgettable exhilaration, and the number of fans is increasing rapidly!

Half-day Adult

* Adults must be junior high school age or older.
* Included in the price: ski slope area ride, lift fee, fat bike rental, helmet, and insurance.
* Snow Chari Snow Ride is not a tour style.
* Snow Ride is not in the form of a tour, but a fun ride down the slopes on the lift.
* The snow ride is not a tour, but a fun ride down the slopes on the lift.
* The riding area is within the Pegasus Slope.
* The estimated number of runs is approximately 2 to 3 times in a half-day tour.
* You can wear ski/snowboard clothes.
* Snow boots are recommended. Snowboard boots are also fine.
* If you do not have clothing and snowboard boots, please rent them at the rental store.
* Bicycles are not allowed.
* Minimum number of participants: 5

About the event on the day of the ride In order to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment, we reserve the right to cancel or change the Snow Chari Snow Ride if the snow conditions deteriorate significantly (avalanche on the course or heavy snow makes it difficult to ride). We will contact the representative by 8:30 a.m. (12:30 p.m. for the afternoon session) on the day of the event to inform the guests who have made reservations.
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Please make a contact by e-mail.

Easy snow-chari experience fee
30 min Adult/child/per person
2,000 yen

*Yuki Chari experience does not include a lift ride.
*Adults must be junior high school students or older.

Bicycle Night Game

  • Bicycle Night Game

    Exciting night downhill on fat bikes and mountain bikes on the slopes illuminated by night lights! There is no doubt that you can enjoy the night view that can only be seen at night and the starry sky while enjoying a downhill that is slightly different from the daytime. The ski slopes are affected by shadows, so the bumps are more obvious than during the day, making it a safe ride for first-timers. If you bring a headlight or bicycle light, the forest course and tree run course with no visibility of the lighting will turn into a thrilling adventure course! It's better to be excited and have fun on the slopes all night long!
    Bicycles (MTB, fat bikes) are allowed!
    This event will be held on January 6 (Sat), January 27 (Sat), February 3 (Sat), February 10 (Sat), February 17 (Sat), and February 24 (Sat), 2024. (Minimum of 20 participants is required to participate in the event.)

Bicycle Night Game Rates
2 hours adult child
3,500 yen 3,000 yen
Fat Bike Rental Fees
2 hours adult child
3,000 yen 2,000 yen

*Registration location: Snow Chari Snow Ride Reception Center
*Bicycles (MTB, fat bikes) are OKI to bring!
From 20 people
*Saturday, January 6, Saturday, January 27, Saturday, February 3, Saturday, February 10, Saturday, February 17, and Saturday, February 24, 2024



Business Period Bicycle Snow Ride
December 29, 2023 - January 3, 2024 and each Saturday, Sunday and holiday in January and February
Bicycle Snow Ride night game
Saturday, January 6, January 27, February 3, February 10, February 17, and February 24, 2024
Business Hours Bicycle Snow Ride
Reception hours: ① Morning session 9:00~ ② Afternoon session 13:00~
(Pegasus Slope Bicycle Snow Ride Reception Center)
Hours: ① Morning 9:30-12:00 ② Afternoon 13:30-16:00
Bicycle Snow Ride night game
Reception location: Bicycle Snow Ride Reception Center
Reception hours: 16:30-17:20
Night time: 17:30-19:30 (2 hours)
Application Bycle Snow Ride/Bicycle Snow Ride night game
*Advance reservation required
Click here for reservation

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