• Japan's First Snowbike Park

    Japan's First Snowbike Park!

    Ride bicycles downhill on pristine snow! Togari is the one and only resort in Japan to offer this experience. Bring your bike up the lifts and blast down the 800m course specifically designed for snowbikes. Test out the waves and banks as the view opens out in front of you. Even dart into the trees and fly down a single track in the snow. With fatbike and safety equipment rental available, the only limit is your imagination!

  • Cruise a wide course

    Cruise a wide course

    The phenomenon of bicycles on snow is spreading. Iiyama's cold winter weather leaves a firm snow surface that is great for riding on. For fresh snow, take out a fatbike for a whole new experience. This is the only snowbike specific course around. It's an activity you have to try.

  • 誰でも気軽にトライ

    Give it a go!

    Riding on the snow is easier than you think. A fatbike's wide tires provide plenty of traction, and the brakes and handlebars are just like any other bike. It will probably be a little challenging at first, but people of all ages and backgrounds are taking up this new sport. So try it out it with your friends and family. Smiles guaranteed!


Snow Strider Park

  • Snow Strider Park

    Snow Strider Park

    Be the coolest kid on the mountain! Striders (bicycles without pedals for children) are gaining popularity as a fun way for little tikes to develop balance and confidence. The Snow Strider turns the bike into a sled that your child can safely enjoy because they control it with their feet on the snow. If you think your child is too young to strap on skis or a board, let them have a go with a Snow Strider in our dedicated park. Rentals available.


Hours 10:00 AM~4:00 PM  ※Reception from 9:00 AM(Orion Slope)
(March 9:00 AM~3:00 PM ※Reception from 8:30 AM)

Park Entry (Adult)
Lift fare included

Fat Bike Rental (Adult) Park Entry (Child)
Lift fare included
Fat Bike Rental (Child)
1h ¥1,000 ¥2,000 ¥500 ¥1,500
2h ¥2,500 ¥2,500 ¥1,500 ¥1,500
4h ¥4,000 ¥4,000 ¥2,000 ¥2,000
6h ¥4,800 ¥5,000 ¥2,800 ¥3,000
With guide information in the park (1h)
Park Rate Specials [December, January, and March - Thursdays and Fridays: Full Day ¥1500] [February - Fridays: Full Day ¥2500]
Accessory Rental Snow wear ¥1500 Boots ¥500 Gloves ¥500
Snow Strider Bike 2 Hours: ¥1000 (Ages 2-6)